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Bloom Can Be Beautiful

I got to the shop this morning to find an amazing piece of artwork on the counter.


This was some leftover chocolate from last night, which I dumped out on the sheet to reuse next time I needed chocolate. It’s all chocolate — the white streaks are called bloom, and they happen when the chocolate doesn’t set properly and the white cocoa butter separates from the darker cocoa solids.

I suppose the patterns come from how the chocolate was scraped from the bowl. But alas, no religious figures, apparently.

Bloom happens, and sometimes it can be beautiful. It’s completely edible, and tastes the same as the original chocolate. It has different forms, too, like the dusty coating the appears on your chocolate if you forget it in a drawer for several months.

The bloom above, if I was trying to make a bark or bar or something else I was trying to sell, would be bad. It’s a sign that the chocolate wasn’t tempered properly, or in this case, wasn’t given the best conditions to set.

But one of the wonderful things about chocolate is that even if it blooms, it can always be melted and re-used. Which is what I intended to do with this piece of artwork anyway.

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