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Back to School 2012

It’s that time again, when young children’s thoughts turn to readin’, writin’ and ‘rithmetic. They go shopping and get pencils and notebooks and protractors (why again?) and all that fun stuff.

Unless they can’t afford it.

Kakao is collecting supplies for disadvantaged kids, for DD Resources, a publicly funded agency that provides services to St. Louis City residents who have developmental disabilities. This will help these families better prepare for the school year.

We’re looking for the usual school supplies, like crayons and pencils, scissors, notebooks, markers and highlighters, rulers, pens, backpacks and supply boxes.

Here’s the sweet deal for you. If you bring in new supplies (with receipt) to either Kakao shop, you can buy your chocolate that day for half price, up to the amount you donated. So, if you bring in $10 in donated supplies:

– and buy $20 in chocolate, you get $10 off

– and buy $10 in chocolate, you get $5 off

– and buy $30 in chocolate, you get $10 off

Make sense? We don’t want to make it too complicated. We just want to collect some great school supplies for people who need it, and we want to show you how much we appreciate your donations by rewarding you with chocolate.

We’re collecting through the weekend, until Monday, August 6, at both Kakao Maplewood (7272 Manchester) and Kakao on Jefferson (2301 S. Jefferson). See you soon!