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Back to School

The past couple weeks have been busy — catching up, keeping up, and planning for the future.

I managed, for the first time in nearly two years, to take a vacation, and to the south of France no less. It was nice to get a change in scenery, and wonderful to have Shannon and Kate managing things at the shop (and three different markets) while I was away. Thanks again, ladies!

Of course on the trip I managed to visit a number of chocolate shops and pâtisseries and see how they do things in Provence. I learned quite a bit, just from looking around. I suspect — let me know if you know different — there’s a central bakery that makes all the fancy pastries and then ships them around to the little shops. Or maybe each shop has a pastry chef and they all went to the same school,  in the region, because as beautiful as they are, all the fruit tarts and chocolate pastries in all the shops look the same.

A couple of the shops made one or two in-house confections, like pates de fruits, but only one appeared to be dipping chocolates in the shop. It made me feel that what we have here at Kakao — all hand-made, in-house confections and pastries, made from all-natural ingredients — is really special, especially because you can come in and watch us actually dipping the truffles and caramels.

The other thing I saw was nougat. LOTS of nougat. Really amazing stuff. You can bet that we’re working on how to make that for you here in St. Louis.

In addition to learning, we’re also excited about teaching. We’re working with the Missouri Botanical Garden to offer two classes that are open to the public.

  • Candy Making – are you a fan of our marshmallow pies, or our sea salt caramel? We’re going to be sharing with you exactly how we make these and other treats, on Tuesday, November 3, 7-9 p.m. Register here.
  • Natural History of Chocolate – together with local chocolate connoisseur Kim Petzing, we’ll look at how chocolate is made, why it’s so good (and good for you) and of course sample some great chocolates. Register here.  

Lots more coming up at the shop, too, with special Halloween treats, a Cashmere Trunk Show and lots more. And don’t forget the last Maplewood Farmers’ Market is this Wednesday, October 26. After that we’ll start on the winter market schedule, and post that later this week.

See you soon!