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All Systems Go

I’m very pleased to announce that Kakao now has its official business license from the city of St. Louis. The process took just under three months, required the assistance of dozens of city employees in nearly as many different departments, and culminated in an hour visit to City Hall yesterday morning while I coordinated with the last person in the chain to prove that I had taken all the necessary steps and secured all the necessary approvals, which included the building inspection appeal I won two weeks ago.

Now that we have that paperwork, we’re ready to rock and roll in a serious way. And so I’m pleased to announce the debut of the new Kakao Chocolate at the Tower Grove Farmer’s Market this Saturday,  August 30.

This week I’m pulling together everything to be able to share a great menu for our first showing. I’ve got Rose and Chai Tea truffles, which are both dipped in milk chocolate, and Lavender-Vanilla ganache setting to be dipped later this week in milk. Yesterday I dipped Maker’s Mark Bourbon and Chile-Vanilla truffles in bittersweet chocolate. And I’ll be dipping some Turkish Coffee with Cardamom in semisweet, too.

And caramels! Of course I’ll have those delicious caramels, dipped in semisweet chocolate with a pinch of sea salt on top. I’ll also have some pate de fruits and a few bags of dragees (although I’m hoping my almond shipment comes today so I can make some more). And definitely some bark: ginger, coffee and almond.

Hope to see you all there!