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All-Star Beer Brittle

Did you hear there’s a big ballgame in St. Louis tomorrow?

I love going to baseball games. (If anyone has a spare ticket for tomorrow, just let me know!) And one of  my favorite things about going to the game — besides the match-up itself, of course — are the snacks. Especially beer and peanuts.

So why not combine them?


Indeed, peanut brittle made with beer instead of water. And not just any beer, local beer. We’ve got some made with Square One Brewery’s Bavarian Weizen, and some with Mattingly Brewing Company’s Cardinal Direction Abbey Dubbel.

(We’re all about “local” here at Kakao — both breweries are within 1.5 miles of our shop!)

The Weizen is a German-style unfiltered wheat beer that has bit of clove and some banana fruitiness. The Dubbel is a Belgian-style Dubbel, a caramelly, fruity and spicy ale brewed in the Trappist monk style.

Both beers make for a sublime brittle, rich in peanut flavor and the best flavors of the beer. And you can get them both TODAY and TOMORROW at the shop during our special hours — 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. — for our All-Star Game visitors.

See you soon!