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A New Marshmallow

No, we’re not changing the marshmallow pies. So don’t worry, those aren’t going to be new marshmallows.

Instead, we did something a little different. Well, a lot different.

First, though, let me introduce Teresa. She’s been helping me in the workshop, doing some packaging and keeping things organized, and eventually learning how to make marshmallows for the pies. Soon after that she was making two batches in less time than it took me to make one.

So I did the only sensible thing one could do in that situation, and asked her what she wanted to do next. And she said she wanted to make marshmallows. Real marshmallows, the kind you can toast on a campfire and put in your hot cocoa.

We tried it with the marshmallow pie recipe, and it wasn’t quite right. We found another recipe and that wasn’t quite right either, but was close enough that she could tinker around a bit and make it work. Perfect real marshmallows, miles better than store bought.

But she wasn’t done yet. She wanted to try making fruit marshmallows.

Fruit marshmallows?!? Indeed. And they’re YUMMY. Like nothing we’d ever had before.

And we started thinking…you know what would be fun…

Kakao Easter Marshmallows

Kakao Easter Marshmallows

Yip, those are them. The yellow layer is apricot, the white later is apple, and the pink layer is strawberry. The thin purple layer is blueberry, thin because it’s so amazingly blueberry-ish we didn’t want it to overpower the other three.

If you’ve never had a fruit marshmallow (we’re betting you haven’t), you’re in for a real treat. These are made with real fruit puree, so they have tons of fruit flavor, but are still light and fluffy.

We’ll have them at the Maplewood Market on Saturday and Wednesdays (weekly starting April 1), the Kakao Open House on April 4, and at the Tower Grove Market on April 11th.

And by then Teresa will probably have come up with something new…