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A Bevy of New Chocolates!

We’ve got some really exciting chocolate goodness in store (and at market) for you this weekend!

First, we’re offering our long-awaited Bacon Bark. Except it’s not made with bacon — too many chocolatiers are already using regular old brined and smoked pork. No, we’ve got something special: pancetta.

Artisan pancetta. Pancetta made by a local purveyor. Cured, not smoked. Made with cinnamon, allspice, and other spices. We cooked it up, crumbled it to bits, and put it both inside and on top of a special blend of semi-sweet chocolate. And then sprinkled on a just a tad of sea salt for good measure.

And then the chocolate coffee beans.

You’ll notice right away that these are different. This is our first go, and we tried a couple of different things, and expect to try more. First, Kakao Chocolate-Covered Coffee isn’t smooth and shiny. That’s because they were made by hand, not by machine, with several layers of chocolate rather than one big glump. Next, we used a medium roast bean rather than the espresso beans that might be more familiar to you (we’re meeting soon with a coffee roaster to determine the best bean for your buck).

In any case, early reports are that they’re good. And they’re just going to get better.

What else? Oh, truffles! MARGARITA TRUFFLES. Made with fresh-squeezed lime juice, 100% agave tequila, and a bit of limed salt on top. I’m just about to dip them, and I have to say the ganache is wonderful. (Also dipping some Earl Grey Tea Truffles, which we haven’t made in a while.)

Shannon, our pastry expert, today will put the finishing touches on her coconut cake with passion fruit filling. Really scruptious!

All of the above will be available at the Kakao Cafe at 2301 S. Jefferson, and at the Tower Grove Farmers’ Market on Saturday morning, until we run out.

And one more thing, at the Cafe for dine-in only: milk chocolate cremosa with espresso-cream parfait. I’ll just let that speak for itself.

See you soon!