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A Bad Day in Chocolate

Yesterday the chocolate was not with me.

Which is to say that a bad day in chocolate is better than most good days sitting at a desk. But still.

My chai tea ganache didn’t set right. Or, rather, it set too much, and ended up more like a brownie than a creamy ganache. Tasted great, and I dipped it anyway (I was dipping my rose petal/red tea, too) but it’s not right.

But the dipping didn’t work well, either. I don’t know if my brownie/ganache was crumbling in the chocolate, or if it didn’t melt completely as I was tempering it (yes, I checked the temper, and it was fine), but there were lots of bits of chocolate that made it difficult.

Most telling, though, was the fact that in the first batch I dipped, I had quite a few that tipped over as I was setting the freshly dipped truffles on the tray. The more frustrated I got, the more I tipped over. Ah, I see a pattern here.

I stepped away from the chocolate, worked on a few emails, ordered some shipping containers, and then approached the tempering machine again. And didn’t tip a single truffle.

Now if I can just figure out what happened to that ganache…