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Chocolate Turkeys!

The centerpiece of the traditional Thanksgiving meal is the famous American Turkey, roasted with stuffing and served with all the fixings.  We think it’s time to raise the bar on presentation and wow your guests with a table set to truly celebrate autumn, the harvest, togetherness and, of course, chocolate.

Yes, we are suggesting a different take on what is showcased by adding a beautiful Kakao Chocolate turkey to the table.


Chocolate works perfectly with the fall color palate and blends easily into the deep reds and crisp oranges that so beautifully capture the essence of the season.  The chocolate turkey will add a whimsical touch and maybe even tease your guests a bit as they wonder in anticipation about dessert.  Anyone sitting at the table will be thinking about the rich reward that awaits them when they see the turkey in the center of the table.   You might even tease them a bit more and add a variety of chocolate barks fanned out on a plate around the chocolate turkey.

Having the chocolate turkey on the table could raise some issues, and you should be prepared.  There are questions to be answered, such as, how do you share a chocolate turkey?  Who gets the head? Who gets the tail?  You could make a game out of it and have your guests flip a coin or pull their names out of a bowl giving them first dibs on the head or tail, etc.  Or, just as you have done with the roasted turkey, you can ceremoniously “carve” the chocolate turkey and place it on a platter for egalitarian indulgence.

If you are not hosting a dinner this Thanksgiving, the chocolate turkeys, which come in dark and milk chocolate, make wonderful hostess gifts.  We have the chocolate turkeys beautifully wrapped and waiting for you in the shop right now, or call us and place an order.

Tip:  Pick-up some Autumn Bark while you are in the shop.  This seasonal bark is a blend of chocolate with fall flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, with toasted Missouri pecans.  Truly this is what autumn tastes like!