Kakao Chocolate - In the News!

"Best Chocolate in St. Louis...he's discovered how to make a half-inch cube of chocolate melt on the tip of your tongue and suffuse your entire body with pure joy." – Riverfront

"I didn't mess with hazelnuts because Kakao offers the decadent chocolate-hazelnut spread I wanted for not much money and way less work." – Sauce Magazine

"He doesn't sell the chocolate typical of candy bars, but confections like truffles of such varieties as lavender-vanilla, chile-vanilla, and Turkish coffee with cardamom. His handmade, chocolate-covered caramels feature a dab of sea salt on top, and his bark -- thin, crunchy sheets of chocolate -- are sprinkled with such un-candy-bar stuff as caramelized ginger and coffee. The caramels, topped with sea salt, are the top sellers." – St. Louis Beacon

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